The Movie/TV API for your business that will delight your users

The ultimate entertainment discovery B2B plug-in. What ticks your users' boxes?

Access to the boxlist discovery interface

Unique interface with unrivalled dashboard, sorting and filtering options across a whole range of unique attributes, and including a catalogue across all streaming services.

Your users see movies/TV classified by the factors which matter most

We classify content using our unique attribute set which goes beyond just genre to include factors such as pace, intricacy, wholesomeness, and emotional punch. All the factors that matter most to users when choosing entertainment content.

Plug in unique explainable recommendation technology

Using our Taste Fingerprinttechnology, recommendations includes colour coded match and clash analysis against the different elements of your personal taste.

Designed to increase loyalty and retention

When your users' feel that their personalities and preferences are truly being spoken to, this will yield transformative results in terms of retention.

Data driven. Genuine personalisation

Many platforms claim 'personalisation', but it's only when you truly cater to the individual's Taste Fingerprint ™ that this can be delivered.

Help your users discover content matched to their unique personality.

The more they watch and rate, the better their recommendations

Powered by smart technology

Some very smart people have developed some very smart AI


Our unique content attributes

Genre doesn’t tell the whole story. Through some very smart technology, your users can see the ‘DNA’ of every title beyond genre (e.g. pace, intricacy, emotional punch, originality, and more) to really see what makes it tick.


Super-efficient taste derivation

We have designed to be the quickest possible way to calculate your users' taste, likes and dislikes, which allow us to generate every user's individual Taste Fingerprint ™.


Personality archetypes

Everyone who is added to the platform is assigned both an entertainment personality, and also a detailed taste fingerprint that we hold for them in the background.


Quality distinct from taste

Just because something is highly rated doesn't mean YOU will like it. That's why for every title we calculate and show the quality score separately from the user's taste match.


What people say

"...totally changed the way my partner and I choose what to watch. We also enjoy the ‘combined’ recommendations..."


"...Finally, an independent algorithm based on my taste, as opposed to each platform just pushing their latest content..."


"...Intuitive website to use, and the film suggestions have been spot on. Highly recommended!!!"


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What ticks your users' boxes?


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